Tie One On Two


This is a variation on the last post of a silk scarf made with re-purposed men's ties. This one has some interesting lines and can be worn in a variety of ways, but the one displayed I think is the most interesting.

STEPS 1: Materials, you will need:

1. Half meter of silk, approx. 18 inches (or 45 cm) and 54 inches wide. Use a silk that has some body as it is easier to sew with.
2.  You will need 2 men's neck ties that match or contrast the half meter of silk.
3. Seam ripper, scissors, thread, etc.

STEP 2:  Seam rip both ties so they are open flat and remove the cloth facing inside the tie. Do not seam rip the end of the tie, keep the end points intact. Iron both ties flat.

STEP 3: Iron the silk and cut in half so you have 2 equal pieces approximately 27 in. x 18 in.

STEP 4: Fold the 2 ties in half, wrong sides together then pin each tie to the longest side of one piece of the silk, raw edges touching. The pointed end of the tie should be slightly longer than your silk pieces, take note of where the finished end of the tie is positioned, this will become important when you do your finishing touches.

STEP 5: Sew each tie to the side of the silk, where you have it pinned, do not sew the finished end of the tie to the silk. Use about a half inch seam allowance, the silk tends to fray, so better the be safe than sorry.

STEP 6: Place the second piece of silk directly over top of the ties/silk piece and line up longest sides. Sew the second piece of silk onto the first piece, right sides of silk facing. Your ties will be inside the two pieces of silk.

STEP 7: Sew one end of the silk scarf to a point to emulate the tie ends. Be careful not to sew the ends of the ties into the silk scarf ends. Turn the scarf right side out and iron flat.

STEP 8: Hand sew the open end of the scarf into a point as well.

STEP 9: If you wish you can install a snap to the end of the silk points for convenience when wearing.

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