Cocoon Coat

I absolutely fell in love with this pattern while I was living in London, its a 1920's inspired cocoon coat from Ralph Pink. I absolutely love 1920s and 30s fashion, and was looking for a project that would challenge me and I could learn from, this seemed to fit the bill.

I decided to make the cropped version of the coat, as I'd only seen one other make from this pattern pop up google, and that was a long one from The Wallinna. I got a good start on it while I was over there, I bought some wool suiting and beautiful printed lining in Walthamstow market, this was the most amount of money I'd spent on a garment as the fabrics are quite good quality. Unfortunately life happened and I started packing up to come home and didn't get around to finishing it off until very recently...when I found out this pattern fits very very small. Like I could hulk rip out the back of it. The material was hard to iron so the coat is pretty wonky in the pictures below:

I got a size 8-10 UK, and I KNOW I am that size, I even double checked with the measurement chart on the website but this coat is super tight on my arms and across the back. Another weird fit issue is that the scoop at the bottom of the coat hits directly at the center of my butt instead of underneath it, so it looks super silly. It's definitely too small. I've also noticed that the 8-10 is no longer available on the site so I guess I am not the only one who had issues with it. I also am pretty sure that wool suiting used to be a recommend material for the pattern on the site, but its also no longer there.

With respect to the instructions, I found them a bit unclear. This was the first jacket I'd made and I got the impression that it was assumed there was prior knowledge of jacket construction. There were a couple things that I felt when A to C and I had to guess B. It also didn't help that the numbers for the instructions were not in proper sequential order.

I omitted the top stitching from the pattern instructions because the seaming was virtually invisible against the black and white check. Look how fun the lining is!

LUCKILY, I have tiny friends! I am glad that at least someone gets to wear this coat. I think it is more Mallory's style anyways.

 Goofing around!
All in all, its a very beautiful pattern and I wish I could make it again, but I would have to buy it again in the size up :/ Theoretically, next time I would make it in a lighter silk fabric so it is more drapey, and make the longer version to avoid the scoop hitting at a weird place on my butt ( I know I have a long torso) I'm just happy someone gets to wear the fun bird print!

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