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Finlayson Sweater!

My boyfriend's birthday was this week, and I really wanted to make him something. He has this grey jersey hoodie that is great in cool summer evenings, but basically as soon as he got it he ripped a hole in it! Which doesn't stop him from wearing it because he is basically a fashion hobo. But I wanted to make him a replacement. The Finlayson Sweater from Thread Theory has a very similar hood and I used that as my base.

There was a nice interview done with Thread Theory here as a part of the Canadian Pattern Designer Blog Tour at Lulu and Celeste, there is a 25% off discount code offered valid until July 8th! I'm going to get the wardrobe builder :)
I only put one layer of fabric for the hood because the fabric is a knit without a lot of stretch and I think it would drape funny with more bulk. I finished the seams around the hood edge and interior neckline with handmade bias tape that I made out of an amy butler print I had leftover from another project. Here is a close up:…

Gabriola Skirt and Nettie Body Suit

I found out about the Monthly Stitch last month, just in time to prepare for one of their contests! I'd been thinking about sewing up this outfit for a while but this was the perfect kick in the butt to get started.

I used the Nettie body suit pattern from Closet Case Files, and the Gabriola Skirt from Sewaholic. I used a rayon for the skirt, and left over supplex for the top. I had originally purchased different fabric for this skirt, but I saw it on sale in the depths of winter and the tropical print called to me, reminding me of warmer days! I couldn't pass it up, luckily now its warm enough to actually wear

 The shape of the Gabriola Skirt is so flattering, I'm looking forward to making many more! I am pear shaped and didn't need to adjust the pattern at all, which was awesome. The only adjustment I ended up making was an accident, I misinterpreted the waistband instructions! I used a hook for a closure instead of the button suggested.
The Nettie bodysuit is som…