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Plantain Tee

One thing Me-Made-May has brought to my attention is I have a serious lack of me-made basics! I set about to change that this week, starting with the Plantain Tee from Deer and Doe. I've had this pattern for a while and never really got around to making it, but I really enjoyed seeing all the shirts that came out of the Plantain Challenge.

I picked up a jersey reminant, I'm not sure what exactly the composition is but its soooo soft and I never want to take it off. I got my boyfriend to take photos while we were out today, and all of them are unusable! He is a BAD photographer. I cropped out the camera strap in this awkward action shot because otherwise there would be no photos.
Thank goodness for self timer photo shoots!
I haven't been taking daily photos of my me made may outfits, but I have been keeping up with it! I wore my Morris Blazer and a knit Chloe Dress I recently dug out of the UFO pile to the Canadian Tulip Festival last week! I want to remake the chloe dress…

Grainline Morris Blazer

I was really excited when I saw this pattern release a couple weeks ago, I was just finishing up an exam and paper for my last class EVER and bought it as a treat for finishing everything. Reading other blog's it looks like its been a pattern a long time coming! I'm glad I'm around for the release!

Also I want to point out a small change to the blog, I'm using the google+ commenting system now, so if I respond to someone's comment they actually get a notification. That is a huge flaw with blogger and it drives me nuts

I used a ponte/double knit my mom had leftover from another project in chocolate brown. I would never pick out something brown, fabric or RTW, but now I'm really glad I have it. It goes with black AND navy, while not being gray (I have so many gray clothes)
I had quite a bit of trouble easing in the sleeves, I suspect it is because the fabric I used is too thick for the pattern. You can see above that the seam is kinda wavy, I had to squish the …

Butterfly Dress

Me-made-may is finally here, but I suddenly have a wrench thrown into my plans. I had originally planned to wear one me made piece a day and hoped to get a lot of wear out of my fun cotton dresses, but it looks like I'll be in the lab doing messy stuff and I don't want to ruin any of my clothes! I'll just do the best I can. I'm sure I can get by just wearing my Watson bras for a month :)

Now for the main attraction! I'm not one to have a "stash" of fabric (I like having a project in mind before I buy), but I have had a couple pieces that I loved too much to pass up or were gifted to me that I've been waiting to find the PERFECT pattern for. One of these was a butterfly print cotton my mom brought to me in England, and it made it all the way back to Canada because I couldn't find a pattern to do it justice. WELL THE WAIT IS OVER!
Lekala #4282 finally won as the pattern of choice. The print is pretty feminine and it was obvious to me it was screaming…