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Alder Shirt Dress, the Perfect Piece (for me)

I'd always really liked the Alder shirt dress from Grainline Studios, the idea of having something loose fitting and comfortable but still having a defined waistline appealed to me. When I saw this version, posted by Jen on the Grainline blog, it gave me a kick it the butt to buy the pattern. Those are my colours! I knew immediately it would become a staple in my wardrobe. As much as I am drawn to the outrageous prints in the store (and buy them because I'm impulsive), I tend to only wear black and grey in real life.

I was really busy and didn't get around to making the dress until fairly recently. Part of this is because of how HUGE the pdf was. I loovvee Grainline's patterns, but their pdfs are often colossal from containing all the views in one file.
I used a black polyester "linen" from the sale rack at Fabricland (evidently my favourite place) It's really light to wear in the heat (tip for wearing all black in the summer). My big gripe with the mate…

Met Gala Sequin Chic

Last week was the Met Gala! One of my favourite things is looking at all the dresses post gala/award show even though the actual event never interests me. One thing that jumped out at my this year, was all the silver sequins!!
Which reminded me of the skirt I made for new years! Which reminded me, I'm super duper behind on blogging my makes :/ I have me-mades dating from August that I need to blog, OOPS. Part of that is because I've been really busy with school, partly because I have tried to focus more on the purpose aspect of my sewing, and being more thoughtful about what I spend my sewing time on.
 So I pulled out my best Kardashian pout and took some snaps of my new years outfit, in May. With a grey t-shirt.
 Don't got those Kardashian hips though :) Can you imagine the fit alterations those ladies would need?!

I used Lekala 5088, three seamed skirt, this time knowing the nuances of the pattern. Although you put your measurements right into Lekala for a personalized …