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I recently did a pattern swap with a friend of mine! She has been on a collared shirt making kick recently and it inspired me to get moving on one for myself. She is a big fan of the Archer shirt, so I bought the pull-over pack and we did a swapsies

Behold! My Archer:
 I found the fabric recently, and it was a bit of an inspired moment. I was at Affordable Textiles Ltd in Toronto looking for something completely unrelated and stumbled upon it. After being told by the guy at the front that he himself had a dress shirt out of the same stuff, I knew it was fate.
 I immediately thought of a 1/2 meter of quilting cotton I had in my stash that would look great as an accent. This took a bit of finicking with the placket but I made it work
 If you saw an attempt at dynamic modelling in my last post, you will see some very un-dynamic modelling in this post. Lets count how many hands on my hips pictures I've taken.

I got the box pleat backwards and didn't care enough to fix it. It'…