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Watson Overdose

I think I might be overdoing it on the Watson Bras.

I have made 8 so far, 5 for myself and 3 for friends. I prooobbably don't need anymore for the time being, and I'm thinking of switching to the underwear pattern and making 5 pairs so I can have pretty sets.

I've decided to do Me-Made-May this year and I'm thinking this new abundance of Watson's make it a hell of a lot easier! What I like to sew doesn't really align with what I buy RTW and wear on a daily basis (hilarious novelty print dresses don't look cute with steel-toe boots) so I think  good chunk of the me-made pieces are going to be undergarments and athletic gear.

The three top pairs in the photo are my 3 new ones. The snakeskin one is the true to the pattern, but I've made slight variations to the other two. The white floral one is my favourite. I am absolutely in love with the fabric!
I made a silly mistake when ordering the straps. I totally didn't look at the width and was pretty surpr…

Quilting Cotton Addiction

So I have a long standing love affair with quilting cotton, I know some people frown upon sewing garments out of quilting cotton, but the patterns are just so much better. I can hardly stand to walk into a store that has quilting cottons and walk away empty handed, I feel like I need to own those bright colourful patterns! I have found the perfect pattern that for my obsession: The Tate Top.

I know I made this pattern in my last post, but I didn't realize its full potential for quilting cotton hoarding until this project. I can squeeze out a Tate Top in my size in a half meter of fabric!!!! (if one of the panels is upside down) This justifies soooo many future quilting cotton purchases for me I can hardly wait. I don't need to buy like 3m for a dress, I can spend just ~$7 to satisfy my needs!

I got this fabric at Needlework on James St N in Hamilton Ontario. I was drawn to it first by the bright colours, but the little bees hidden in the mystery fruit really sold me on it!