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First pair of Gainline Maritime shorts!

I seem to have a backlog of summer blogging! I keep sewing things, then getting excited and wearing them right away and totally forgetting to take photos. One such piece is the Grainline Maritime Shorts. I conned a friend into taking some photos this weekend at a girls cottage weekend (she understands my plight, I took her photo for the international anna party, its the popsicle dress on my instagram!)

I got back from working abroad last August and found I had an, uh... width-wise growth spurt and had no shorts for this summer. I got to work on this pattern with a discount denim from Fabricland (it's my first pair and I wanted to play it safe) The fabric is quite neat! One way the threads are pink and the other they are blue, it gives it a cool sheen. You can see it on the selvedge here: My original plan for the shorts was to finish them with a scallop. I couldn't get the edge super neat, and after the first wear I realized some of the scallops fold up when I sit on them and i…

Pin Pegs Mini Skirt

The idea for this skirt came about when I realized I have an astonishing lack of me-made basics and neutrals. It seems like every time I set out to make something, I go out looking to get grey/blue/solid coloured fabric and come back with the most ridiculously patterned thing I could find in the store. This made putting together outfits for Me-Made-May really difficult! So when I saw this denim remnant for a reduced price I snapped it up!

It has a 60% stretch which is impressive for denim, but there was only 60cm left in the store. For that reason I had planned to make a simple pencil skirt, basically stretching the material around my body. BUT then, Annie from Sew This Pattern/Nine Stitches put the Pin Pegs skirt on saallleee and as I already alluded, I have a really hard time passing up sales.

The pattern calls for 115 cm and I had 60 cm (it was 45 inches wide to boot). This presented a bit of a problem. I  ended up not including the facings, and I only had fabric to cut 1 of each …