Watson Bra Fiesta

I saw the pattern for the Watson Bra from Cloth Habit the week it came out and instantly knew it had to happen. I had slowly been replacing all my underwire bras with sports bras for comfort reasons, and was thrilled with the idea that I could sew my own! I've always shied away from buying bralettes at the store, since I have a pretty small bust so that fitting the band to my ribcage would leave lots of extra fabric in the cups. I was busy with class and thesis work at that time so I didn't get around to putting it together until January. During that time, I was OBSESSED! I probably would have saved more time if I had just bought and sewed the damn pattern in November, instead of incessantly googling new projects as soon as they were posted.
Watson Bra, Courtest of Clothhabit.com
Do you know what you get when you google "watson bra"? Paparazzi photos of Emma Watson out for a jog in a sport bra, looking notably annoyed. Poor girl!

Anyways in my time lurking, I came across a few watson bras that really called my name. I LOVED Heahter Lou's space bra, it made an appearance on her instagram a while before she made a blog post about it. I HAD TO HAVE IT. I bought the same fabric she used so I could literally have that one, seriously, scroll down and check. Another one I love, are the space skivvies from ginpins. I also bought the same fabric... I used it on my space pants but there is plently left over for multiple Watsons. Handmade by Carolyn has a really helpful tutorial about how to line the cups so there are no visible seams, which I plan to follow in a future iteration of this bra.

 So far I have made two, both view A. I pounded them out super quickly, then haven't posted it because I needed to sew the strap onto the back of the floral-space bra and just put it off for about three weeks. The floral space bra is the first once I made, out of a swimwear spandex from The Fabric Fairy. The band is lined with a black mesh I had left over from another project. I omitted the hook and eye closure. Madalynne did hers without the hook and eye closure so I was pretty sure it would work for this one too. The idea I had for this one is that it would work as a functional bra, but also work as a bralet top if need be. I plan to give one of these to a friend and she's super adventurous, she's the type of person who will find a lake while hiking and take a dip, and thanks to me she'll look fantastic doing it!
The inside is pretty messy I'll admit, don't look too closely. I was excited about it and this was mostly a test run so I wasn't too concerned about the details. I had a bit of trouble with getting the top stitching straight around that corner, as clearly viewed below. I have since picked it out and re-did it and it looks fine now. Look! it fits onto my body!
The second one I made, I took a bit more care with. Its from the leftover mesh that I originally used to line the first bra, and a power mesh I got from The Bra Maker's Supply in Hamilton Ontario. I also included the hook and eye closure this time.
I found the fit of this with the hook and eye to be too large in the band. I cut a 34A and should have gone with a 32 A or B. Next time! I ended up seam ripping the closure, and cutting off an inch of length on both sides and readjusting the curve accordingly.
 I got Stasys to take a picture of me in a pseudo-outfit. He's telling me not to smile too early then taking a picture on 1, 2, SNAP, 3 here.

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