Pencil Skirt Sewing Party

Last weekend a few friends and I got together to sew pencil skirts! My friends are interesting in getting into sewing, so I promised I'd help them out and we'd pick an easy pattern to go through together. Two of these friends have a pretty extreme waist to hip ratio (we try to balance things on one friend's butt, Kim Kardashian style), and a common complaint I get is that its really hard to find pencil skirts and dresses to fit their bodies. So when I saw the free (!!!) Lekala pattern #5088 three seamed pencil skirt, I knew it was the perfect pattern. With Lekala patterns, you input your measurements and a pattern is custom drafted for you and a pdf pattern is emailed to you 10 minutes later.
The sewing party was very successful, one friend was having machine troubles so fell behind, but the rest of us all had some fit issues to work out so we finished at the same time! As wonderful as the personalized measurements seemed, something as form fitting as a pencil skirt is bound to need extra tweaks. Most people aren't perfectly conical like a dress form as expected, so we ended up needing to take off a inch or so here and there at the sides, and playing around with the darts to get the desired fit. I used a stretch cotton from the discount rack at Fabricland.
Successful sewing day!

All in all I'd consider it a successful day! Everyone came out with a snazzy skirt and some new sewing knowledge. Plus there was a dog to pet on our sewing breaks!

I decided to make a matching crop top with the leftovers from my skirt, I used the Tate Top pattern from Workroom Social. I was drawn to this pattern because it uses cotton in the picture! I have a thing for quilting cotton, I can never pass up all the beautiful colours and patterns in the stores, and this small-yardage tank top could be the answer to my problem! A quick, wearable project that I can make in a bazillion fabrics!
I missed the two piece set-acular phenomenon that swept the blogosphere last summer, it was pre-blog for me, and I was also trying to pack up the hordes of stuff I accumulated in London. I didn't forget about it though! Its been in the back of my mind ever since, and I finally decided to act upon it.
I admit my zipper choice wasn't the best, I accidentally bought FIFTY 18cm black zippers from value village for $3 a couple years ago so I use them up whenever I can.

We also need to talk about the snow lingering around, its April in THREE DAYS, go away winter! I think I've been subconsciously choosing these ridiculous tropical prints for my winter sewing as a way to silently make a stand against winter. I'm so ready for the spring to arrive!
Go away snow.

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