Urban farmer chic

When I first saw the Turia Dungarees from Pauline Alice pop up on my blog feed, I thought they were kinda silly. Overalls?? For adults? I haven't worn overalls since I was 10 around the farmhouse. But as I saw more and more of them, something in me changed. I needed a pair.

The ones that changed my mind were the floral ones by Lady Sewalot, these chic ones with the slim leg from fruits flowers &clouds, and the SEVEN pairs Yosami made for a charity auction.
I didn't actually expect I'd get a lot of wear out of them (I figured I just needed to get the overall craze out of my system) so I headed to the bargain rack and picked up some grey-scale leopard denim (3 dollas a meter y'all) except I actually wear these all the time. I get so many compliments on them! And they are so comfy. I slimmed down the legs a bit and that's the only thing I changed. Next time I will lengthen the straps a bit, I have a long torso.

Chic overalls, who would have thought. So the pattern calls for 3 yards, but since this is Canada and we use reasonable units of measurement here AKA the metric system I bought 3 meters. I'm also pretty sure my real life super power is really efficient placement of pattern pieces because I only used 1 3/4 m of fabric for this. The only obvious choice here was...

MATCHING BEST FRIEND OVERALLS! I was about 30cm short of being able to make another full length pair, but I think one of each was a good call. Not totally matching but still complementary. I wish I had better photos of us in the matching overalls but it had totally slipped my mind, and my phone camera leaves a lot to be desired. Next time!

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