Pin Pegs Mini Skirt

The idea for this skirt came about when I realized I have an astonishing lack of me-made basics and neutrals. It seems like every time I set out to make something, I go out looking to get grey/blue/solid coloured fabric and come back with the most ridiculously patterned thing I could find in the store. This made putting together outfits for Me-Made-May really difficult! So when I saw this denim remnant for a reduced price I snapped it up!

It has a 60% stretch which is impressive for denim, but there was only 60cm left in the store. For that reason I had planned to make a simple pencil skirt, basically stretching the material around my body. BUT then, Annie from Sew This Pattern/Nine Stitches put the Pin Pegs skirt on saallleee and as I already alluded, I have a really hard time passing up sales.

The pattern calls for 115 cm and I had 60 cm (it was 45 inches wide to boot). This presented a bit of a problem. I  ended up not including the facings, and I only had fabric to cut 1 of each waistband piece. The other side is made from scraps of black denim I had around. I also didn't include the underflap. I had it cut out from the aforementioned black denim but I think it would have been too visible.
I cut a straight size 10 for this pattern. I should have really graded between 10 at the waist and 12 at the hips, I should do that for most patterns but I usually just cut a straight size that's a bit smaller than my hip measurement and it works out. If this fabric wasn't so stretchy I would NOT fit into it, I definitely recommend grading it properly and next time I will! There are some bunching lines around the hips which are tell-tale signs that its a bit too small.

That won't stop me from wearing it! I really love this skirt! I hope to wear it with the surplus of Tate Crop Tops I made out of really bright cottons.

Another issue I ran into with this skirt is that I could not find a 35 cm zipper! I ended up using a 40cm zipper and adding a couple inches to the length. I'm 5'8 so I could stand to have a little bit more length!
I decided to be brave and show the innards of my skirt, since I did deviate from the instructions quite a bit. I finished the bottom edge by folding up 1 inch of fabric (this was accommodated for in the cutting process) and I used a black bias tape to finish the front flaps after the zipper ends. This picture was taken with a potato and I couldn't get the skirt to lay flat for the life of me.
Here I am trying to get a cat to pay attention to me, no luck unfortunately

All in all I'm quite pleased and impressed with this pattern. The asymmetrical aspect of it is very trendy and cute, and I will definitely sew it again!

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