First pair of Gainline Maritime shorts!

I seem to have a backlog of summer blogging! I keep sewing things, then getting excited and wearing them right away and totally forgetting to take photos. One such piece is the Grainline Maritime Shorts. I conned a friend into taking some photos this weekend at a girls cottage weekend (she understands my plight, I took her photo for the international anna party, its the popsicle dress on my instagram!)

I got back from working abroad last August and found I had an, uh... width-wise growth spurt and had no shorts for this summer. I got to work on this pattern with a discount denim from Fabricland (it's my first pair and I wanted to play it safe) The fabric is quite neat! One way the threads are pink and the other they are blue, it gives it a cool sheen. You can see it on the selvedge here:
My original plan for the shorts was to finish them with a scallop. I couldn't get the edge super neat, and after the first wear I realized some of the scallops fold up when I sit on them and it looks pretty silly. Here they were before:
I cut off the scallop and put on a cuff! I like the way it looks

 Feel free to soak up some of that beautiful Canadian scenery in the background
For my next go at the pattern I would like to make the leg hole a bit smaller. I still need to play around with it and figure out how to do it. I think I can get away with sizing down the whole pattern actually, most denims grow a bit with wear (this fantastic purple denim included).

Here I am pictured below with a neat geological feature! The Canadian Shield used to be the site of an ancient sea, and these cool pot holes were worn away in the rock where pebbles got stuck in eddies (my boyfriend is a geological engineer which is where I got this info). This one was much deeper than my feet reached, and there was gunk in the bottom to boot so I'm not even sure how deep it actually is!

I'll keep you posted on whether or not I've caught some weird foot fungus from sticking my feet in there.

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