Grainline Morris Blazer

I was really excited when I saw this pattern release a couple weeks ago, I was just finishing up an exam and paper for my last class EVER and bought it as a treat for finishing everything. Reading other blog's it looks like its been a pattern a long time coming! I'm glad I'm around for the release!

Also I want to point out a small change to the blog, I'm using the google+ commenting system now, so if I respond to someone's comment they actually get a notification. That is a huge flaw with blogger and it drives me nuts

I used a ponte/double knit my mom had leftover from another project in chocolate brown. I would never pick out something brown, fabric or RTW, but now I'm really glad I have it. It goes with black AND navy, while not being gray (I have so many gray clothes)
I had quite a bit of trouble easing in the sleeves, I suspect it is because the fabric I used is too thick for the pattern. You can see above that the seam is kinda wavy, I had to squish the fabric in so it fit. Looking around at other makes, it looks like other people had this problem too. In particular, Ginger made one out of a scuba knit, which I think this could be labelled as. If you take a look through her photos you can see a bit of a wavy seam at the back too, albeit not as bad as mine.
I took a photo of the sleeve on my dress form, I top stitched everything because this stuff did not iron well. On my body, the waves fill out a bit. I don't really think it's too noticeable when I'm wearing it.

The blazer in action! Eating crepes, mmm This is also a me-made-may outfit. They are not featured, but I also made the tights out of this pattern which I love dearly.
Here is a straight on photo from my dress form:
For next time (because I definitely want to make this again) I'm going to use a thinner fabric, and thinner interfacing. The interfacing/fabric combo is so thick that you can see my folded over seams though the front of the jacket!

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