Butterfly Dress

Me-made-may is finally here, but I suddenly have a wrench thrown into my plans. I had originally planned to wear one me made piece a day and hoped to get a lot of wear out of my fun cotton dresses, but it looks like I'll be in the lab doing messy stuff and I don't want to ruin any of my clothes! I'll just do the best I can. I'm sure I can get by just wearing my Watson bras for a month :)

Now for the main attraction! I'm not one to have a "stash" of fabric (I like having a project in mind before I buy), but I have had a couple pieces that I loved too much to pass up or were gifted to me that I've been waiting to find the PERFECT pattern for. One of these was a butterfly print cotton my mom brought to me in England, and it made it all the way back to Canada because I couldn't find a pattern to do it justice. WELL THE WAIT IS OVER!
Enjoying my almond milk chai at city hall
Lekala #4282 finally won as the pattern of choice. The print is pretty feminine and it was obvious to me it was screaming to be made into a dress, but I thought the pink butterflies could quickly cross over too far into the "cutesy" territory than I was comfortable with. I think this pattern is the perfect match! I love the pleating detail in the bust:
I actually made a muslin for this for the first time ever! Everything I read up on about Lekala patterns mentions that they fit small, but I actually found this a bit too roomy for my tastes. Even after I made the adjustments from the muslin it's a bit loose, but only by a small margin
This picture is a bit blurry but I only had a few so I'm including it anyways

The pattern calls for a double box pleat, which I did for the muslin, but didn't have quite enough for the finished dress, instead I just put regular box pleats and it looks just fine.
I have been wearing this dress so much! It's so comfortable and easy to throw on and look put together, its quickly becoming my go-to dress.

In other news, I went on a 15k hike today and it was snake central! I saw 6 snakes, I guess they are all out sunning themselves before the leaves on the trees grow in. I saw this snake and it is HUGE. I was really happy believing snakes didn't get this big here in Ontario but now I can't ignore it.
I'd conservatively say that's like a meter and a half long, insanity!

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