Looking like you made an attempt to present yourself to the world, but don't like to shop, is a challenge. My fall back outfit is a safe neutral, usually black, accompanied by a fun scarf. For that reason, my collection of scarfs needs to be wide and varied, if I am going to put together something that looks unique and like I put in a few minutes of effort. Some of my scarfs need a new life, so I have taken on a project to re-purposed a few old scarves, making a fun scarf can be fun squared.

To begin my "fun scarf squared" project I started with a few old scarfs, for various reasons, I no longer wear. In the photo below, the centre scarf, my first husband brought me back from India, while I love the pattern and think it is beautiful, it is too scratchy, the other 2 don't have enough body and have frills and frills won't do. The colours go well together and I through in my brother-in-laws old tie for a colour anchor.

Iron the scarves, so you are working with a flat and stable fabric base. 

I am 5' 7" so my scarf should be about 68 inches long. To calculate your scarf length it is the measurement from the top of your shoulder, across your torso, between your legs and back to the same point on the top of the shoulder. To make things easy just use the 68 inches. You are going to cut 17" x 17" squares, for a 68" scarf you will need 8 squares, 4 on each side of the scarf. I cut the patterned scarf, the red and the beige, then decided I needed a forth colour so I cut an old duvet cover to add a shade of green.

STEP 3: 
You are going to sew 4 pieces together in a row, then sew the 4 other pieces together in another row, keeping in mind your desired pattern. Once you have your 2 rows sewn, pin then together, right sides facing, be sure to line up the squares, then sew together.

What you should have at this point is a 68"ish x 34"ish rectangle, iron down the seams.

Sew together the other side of the 4 square row, this will give you a 17"  x 68" tube. Again, pin before you sew to line up corners. 

I made an infinity scarf so I sewed together the "tube" ends almost all the way around but left an opening so the scarf could be turn right side out, then hand sewed the remaining opening.

I did one last iron to flatten the outside seams.

Et voila! A fun scarf to add to my collection of fun scarfs!

1. Lining up the squares was a bit of a pain, so I would not be so mathematical about the whole deal. I would make 2, 17"x 68" panels and sew them together, forget about the lining up business.
2. I wouldn't use such a floppy scarf (cream and red), they didn't have enough body and were difficult to work with, so next time I would use a very thin very soft microfibre as a backing, which feels good on the back of the neck.
3. I would use my brother-in-laws tie to add some sass.

With the scraps I re-made the scarf and the result is more fun than my original. So fun-scarf-squared x 2. :)

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