Draw with Thread

I have experimented with sewing hand drawn simple and complicated designs on garments to add some interest. Below are a few simple ideas:

View 1: This is a way of being noncommittal if you want to try this out. Draw your design on a piece of scrap fabric and sew with the desired thread colour (use a contrasting colour, preferably using upholstery thread). Use a stretch stitch so you have some movement and the design shows up better as well.  Then pin your sewn design to the garment you want to display it on and sew away.

View 2: With this version of the project you need to be a brave, draw your design directly on your garment and sew, again with stretch stitch and high contrast upholstery thread. Best to make you design somewhat organic and whimsical so if you mess up it still looks good.

View 3: This is a bit more work. I found a design I liked on the Internet, re sized it and printed in on computer fabric transfer paper. I cut around the design and ironed it onto my garment. I then sewed around all of the hydrangea flowers, it talks a while but is fun and looks great. I didn't use upholstery thread for this one because of the volume of thread.

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