Welcome to our Sewing Blog

This is a mother-daughter sewing blog that chronicles our sewing projects and documents experiments with re-purposing past-loved garments, and sewing with purpose! Often, we create our own versions of the same pattern so we'd like to show how a pattern can look on two different body types.

Jill is a teacher and programmer who has been sewing for the majority of her life. With a well rooted obsession with pattern and texture she has been filling her spare time, since childhood, with creating wearable objects that make use of the resources at her disposal. Her sewing these days reflects the comfort she craves in her every day style while still being chic. The joys of adjusting to her menopausal body have brought a new dimension and challenges to her sewing projects. The "sewing with re-purpose" will be a way of sharing her delight for creating objects in 3 dimensions.

Ali is a masters student studying structural engineering and sews in her spare time. She likes sewing things that have interesting geometrical features, and fun patterns and colours. She has a bad habit of letting the small details fall by the wayside and impulse-buying ridiculous fabric so she hopes to use the blog as a way of keeping her "sewing with purpose" on track.

Emma is a 3rd year environmental engineering student and her main interest, around the domestic arts, lie in the realm of food preparation. She does like to sew as long as the project can be wrapped up, from start to finish, in one sitting. Her sewing projects are quick and easy with a high satisfaction rate, or dissatisfaction, depending on the outcome. As Emma has discovered, sewing can be fun and rewarding or frustrating and disappointing, she is still giving it a go.

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