Space Pants!

My mom has long been a fan of the tights and long shirt look, providing maximum comfort while still looking presentable and stylish. She does not have a pair of Lululemon tights though! My sister and I (as well as millions of 20-something girls on university campuses) all agree that this is a serious crime, but my mom has always insisted she couldn't bring herself to spend that much money on yoga pants. So we had decided to get her a pair for Christmas...

...Until we actually went to buy them. I SWEAR the price keeps going up and up, they're over a hundred dollars now! We quickly found a plan b, and that was workout wear patterns. We ended up getting her the Papercut Patterns Oh La Leggings and Pneuma Tank, and since they are conveniently PDF patterns, I get to use it too! I have seen many versions of these pants floating around the blogosphere and it has always been highly praised, namely Melissa from Fehr Trade has made SIX pairs!

Around this time I had also made my first online fabric purchase, I had been looking for space print spandex for EVER, and I had filled countless online shopping baskets only to balk at the shipping fees. BUT I stumbled across the Fabric Fairy and they have a wide array of fun spandex prints and best of all, reasonable shipping to Canada!!!

And so, born from these two events, is my pair of SPACE PANTS!

One of my favourite things about these tights is the high waist. My biggest issue with a lot of off-the-rack gym tights is the lack of butt space. There is nothing worse than feeling your pants slide down and show your butt crack with each squat rep.

They're also stylish enough to wear out and about!

I had one minor fit problem with the tights that was easily remedied, there was a bit of a flap at the front where the curved seam is. I just kinda pinched it and pinned it where it wouldn't be flappy anymore and sewed that seam.

I definitely am going to sew these pants again, they are really fabulous. Next time I'd like to do a casual wear pair. Lauren from Lladybird posted a phenomenal pair a couple days ago with a faux leather panel, absolutely to die for!

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