Cool and Fun

Over the last year I have been experimenting with this Butterick B6101 Katherine Tilton pattern. I haven't posted the results of my experimentation because I needed a willing photographer to take a few shots.  After a relatively short canoe trip with my daughter Emma, I conned her into taking some photos. I assume she was just grateful I didn't torture her with an long and arduous paddle.

This pattern is great because it hides any bulges and rolls that might have accumulated over the winter months and provides a cool outfit for the hot summer days. The first attempt was using a dense polyester fabric  trimmed with a 1950's retro pattern accent. Wasn't happy with the neck line, I changed it slightly on my next attempt.

Attempt number 2 was a plum linen that was a big hit although I wasn't happy with the size of the arm holes, they were too big. Must be changed next time around.
Attempt 3 I used a wool jersey and cut up a jacket I no longer wore for the accent pieces. I also added cap sleeves to this version.
The next attempt I used a mixture of linen and a technical supplex fabric. I changed the top of the pattern to make it longer and wearable with just tights. 

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