Met Gala Sequin Chic

Last week was the Met Gala! One of my favourite things is looking at all the dresses post gala/award show even though the actual event never interests me. One thing that jumped out at my this year, was all the silver sequins!!
Met Gala AKA Silver Sequin Party
Which reminded me of the skirt I made for new years! Which reminded me, I'm super duper behind on blogging my makes :/ I have me-mades dating from August that I need to blog, OOPS. Part of that is because I've been really busy with school, partly because I have tried to focus more on the purpose aspect of my sewing, and being more thoughtful about what I spend my sewing time on.
 So I pulled out my best Kardashian pout and took some snaps of my new years outfit, in May. With a grey t-shirt.
 Don't got those Kardashian hips though :) Can you imagine the fit alterations those ladies would need?!

I used Lekala 5088, three seamed skirt, this time knowing the nuances of the pattern. Although you put your measurements right into Lekala for a personalized pattern, I found it fit large the last time I made it. I found it fit best taking in 5/8 in from the side of the pattern without adding any seam allowances.
I opted for no waistband because I thought it would break up the sequins too much, so I added twill tape to the seam between the lining and sequins to minimize stretching.

The lining was a thicker suiting from the sale section at fabric land. Pretty close colour match!

The fabric has a really neat edge, so I wanted to incorporate it into the final skirt on the bottom edge. I actually had been sitting on this fabric for a while! I bought it when I lived in England and brought it all the way back to Canada before I came up with the perfect use for it.
In retrospect, I should have chosen a pattern with as few darts as possible. This pattern has SIX and I could have easily done with TWO for a decent fit. I wasn't thinking about how much of a pain it is to sew with sequin fabric! The sequins are several layers thick, difficult to cut off, difficult to sew through.
I am already catching up with photos of my back-logged makes! I'll make some effort catching up with posting in the near future :)

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