I recently did a pattern swap with a friend of mine! She has been on a collared shirt making kick recently and it inspired me to get moving on one for myself. She is a big fan of the Archer shirt, so I bought the pull-over pack and we did a swapsies

Behold! My Archer:
Lookin' stunned, almost like I didn't set the self timer myself.
 I found the fabric recently, and it was a bit of an inspired moment. I was at Affordable Textiles Ltd in Toronto looking for something completely unrelated and stumbled upon it. After being told by the guy at the front that he himself had a dress shirt out of the same stuff, I knew it was fate.
What do I do with my hands???
 I immediately thought of a 1/2 meter of quilting cotton I had in my stash that would look great as an accent. This took a bit of finicking with the placket but I made it work
 If you saw an attempt at dynamic modelling in my last post, you will see some very un-dynamic modelling in this post. Lets count how many hands on my hips pictures I've taken.

I got the box pleat backwards and didn't care enough to fix it. It's doing its job!
I added an extra 10 cm to the bottom of the pattern, to account for both my long torso and also that I wanted it to look more like a tunic.
This is 3/5 hands-on-hips photos.
Here is a close up of the quilting cotton (featuring a stray thread) I used it for the sleeve placket, inside of the sleeve cuff, the inside of the shirt placket, under collar, and collar stand.
Like my Alder dress, I think this is a versatile piece! Pair it with dress pants or skirt and its office ready, but also looks great with leggings or shorts for casual wear. I'm slowly sewing up the whole Grainline collection!

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