Mother Daughter Bombshell Bathing suit

Alexandra and I made both made the bombshell bathing suit last summer but finally got around to posting the pictures. It was an easy and not so easy project to complete. As I was making it I kept thinking it was going to be way too small, the ruching is deceiving. It did fit a bit snug but was happy with the overall results.

As my mom mentioned, we both made the bombshell! She has outdone me with her modelling by a long shot, but I have some photos of mine. I chose to make the halter version, I am more pear shaped than my mom with a flatter bust and I was concerned that the ruching on the sweetheart neckline would make me look as flat as a board. The halter top gave me some serious grief! Its the first time I had worked with swimwear lycra in this context and there was a steep learning curve, plus I didn't have a serger!
I am quite pleased with this pattern. As I was putting it together I was panicking, it looks so tiny because of the negative ease! It fits wonderfully though and I am so pleased with it. Next up we'll have to make one for Em!

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