Finlayson Sweater!

My boyfriend's birthday was this week, and I really wanted to make him something. He has this grey jersey hoodie that is great in cool summer evenings, but basically as soon as he got it he ripped a hole in it! Which doesn't stop him from wearing it because he is basically a fashion hobo. But I wanted to make him a replacement. The Finlayson Sweater from Thread Theory has a very similar hood and I used that as my base.

There was a nice interview done with Thread Theory here as a part of the Canadian Pattern Designer Blog Tour at Lulu and Celeste, there is a 25% off discount code offered valid until July 8th! I'm going to get the wardrobe builder :)
I only put one layer of fabric for the hood because the fabric is a knit without a lot of stretch and I think it would drape funny with more bulk. I finished the seams around the hood edge and interior neckline with handmade bias tape that I made out of an amy butler print I had leftover from another project. Here is a close up:

I opted to include the decorative facing because I wanted to show off the cute squirrels on the print!

 My boyfriend is a much more dyanmic model than I am, so here is the garment from every possible angle. I think the one above is actually a bodybuilding pose.

From the back:

The hood looks quite silly on, its more a fashion accessory with this fabric.
  I was really impressed with Thread Theory, its a canadian company and their patterns are named after places on the west coast. The instructions were really coherent and the pictures that went along with them were really helpful. The pattern itself was well drafted and the pdf printout came together quickly.
Sooooo happy to be helping me take pictures
 The grand finale. I think this one is from dragon ball-z?

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