Quilting Cotton Addiction

My closet.
So I have a long standing love affair with quilting cotton, I know some people frown upon sewing garments out of quilting cotton, but the patterns are just so much better. I can hardly stand to walk into a store that has quilting cottons and walk away empty handed, I feel like I need to own those bright colourful patterns! I have found the perfect pattern that for my obsession: The Tate Top.

I know I made this pattern in my last post, but I didn't realize its full potential for quilting cotton hoarding until this project. I can squeeze out a Tate Top in my size in a half meter of fabric!!!! (if one of the panels is upside down) This justifies soooo many future quilting cotton purchases for me I can hardly wait. I don't need to buy like 3m for a dress, I can spend just ~$7 to satisfy my needs!

I got this fabric at Needlework on James St N in Hamilton Ontario. I was drawn to it first by the bright colours, but the little bees hidden in the mystery fruit really sold me on it!
I used one the exposed metal zippers from my Value Village purchase that will leave me with enough 15cm zippers to last a lifetime. I always feel triumphant when I can actually use one where it makes sense.
I used black contrast binding (applied the wrong way on purpose, I used what was laying around) because I love the way the fabric has a heavy contrast outline in the pattern and wanted to highlight that.
It was such a beautiful weekend, I spent a lot of time outdoors, strolling around the downtown. There is an antique market downtown in the city square which I love browsing through, although I rarely buy anything.
The lake was gorgeous, there was ice in the harbour up until yesterday though! It was nice to finally bask in the sun.
 I got a picture with the ferry, the Wolfe Island Ferry is actually out of commission right now for repairs, so this is actually the Amherstview Ferry, which most people agree is less nice.

Working on this project reminded me of my first project I did when I got my sewing machine for my birthday in 2012. My family picked out a cotton that was shared my middle name as a kick starter (Joel Dewberry's Chrysanthemum Jade, and I sewed the Collette Sorbetto top with it! I never really got much wear out of it, because I found it hit me in a weird spot. I have a long torso, so it was too short to look normal with regular rise pants, too short to tuck into a skirt, but too long to wear as a crop top. Finishing this Tate Top inspired me to pull it out of my closet and give it another chance.

It served as a great reminder of how far I've come with my sewing. I get frustrated with myself sometimes when I can't get tiny details perfect on my garments, but ripping it out once more would ruin the fabric so I have to deal with it.

This was the first time I worked with bias tape:
I ended up shortening it so it hit the waistband of my "standing pants" and folding the neckline bias binding back once more so it was finished like this:
Where as my bias tape from the Tate top was much neater than my first go:
This has been serving as a reminder that while there is still a ways for me to go in terms of getting my garments to look professional, I've also learned a lot and have improved so much and I shouldn't discount myself!

I took a selfie in front of my quilting cotton trophy wall:
And below you can see where the new hemline falls, a proper crop top! These are my "standing pants" because as soon as you sit down the waist band digs in SO BADLY. You're either standing or sitting with the button undone.
In other news, a daffodil has bloomed in my desk garden! As well I started my first re-purpose for the blog but it's just noottt working out, sadly. Hopefully I can salvage it for a future post.
Excited that spring is upon us!

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